A Social-Emotional skills group for teenage boys


Social-emotional skills group for teenage boys

This group is designed to use simple and intentional techniques and ideas to encourage self-discovery to develop authentic and meaningful connections within themselves, and their interpersonal relationships with peers and adults. These skills help teenagers navigate their emotional and psychological worlds more effectively and lead to better-balanced individuals and ultimately adults as they grow up.
Through mindful activities, role-playing, breathing techniques, sensory awareness, guided visualisations and art they will learn to identify and understand their feelings and how to regulate emotions. They will learn the social and emotional skills that will help them find the most appropriate response in challenging situations. There will be a focus on opening up channels of communication through purposefully facilitated conversations around pertinent developmental issues and daily challenges.

This 8-week Social and Emotional Skills Group will encourage development and understanding of the following competencies: 

*Self Awareness *Self Management *Social Awareness *Relationship Skills *Goal Directed Behaviour *Personal Responsibility *Decision Making Skills *Optimistic Thinking 

For more information and to book please email: info@foundationsforlife.co.za

A Social-Emotional skills group for teenage boys

Foundations for Life,
2 Hemyock road,

Date & Time:
19 April to 17 June (every Thursday)

15:30 to 17:00

R1700 for the 8 weeks