Bernice du Plessis – Clinical Psychologist

Bernice du Plessis

My Background

I am a clinical psychologist offering long- and short-term therapy to adults and children who are experiencing emotional, psychological or relationship difficulties, or who simply want to embark on a journey of personal growth.

I work from a cognitive behavioural (CBT) therapy perspective known as ACT (Acceptance and Commitment Therapy).
My approach to therapy is holistic, meaning that context is crucial. It is important to understand the social and cultural environment in which difficulties might occur.

I am also fully bilingual, and offer therapy in both English and Afrikaans.

I hold a Clinical Master’s degree from the University of Stellenbosch and a Master’s degree in Psychological Research from the University of Cape Town. For the past nine years I’ve enriched my practice as a therapist by remaining involved with community work and academic research, focusing on individuals and communities affected by violence.


My Interests

I assist children and their parents with:


Autism Spectrum Disorder
Anxiety problems such as Separation Anxiety, School Refusal, OCD, GAD, Social Anxiety and Panic Disorder
Coping with illness and disability
Impulse Control Disorders such as Trichotillomania and skin picking
Depression and other mood problems
Phobias and fears of various kinds


For adults I offer short- and long-term individual therapy for:


Adult ADHD
Anxiety disorders including OCD, GAD, Panic Disorder and Social Anxiety
Depression and other mood disorders
Impulse Control Disorders
Living with physical illness’ such as Chronic Pain, Chronic Fatigue and IBS
Phobias and fears of all kinds


I speak on these topics at workshops and conferences and also run
a supervision group for allied professionals interested in working
from a third-wave CBT perspective (ACT).

My Services

Individual one-on-one sessions with children and adults
School visits
Parenting assistance

All sessions are offered in either English or Afrikaans