Kerry Acheson – Counselling Psychologist/Life Coach

Kerry Acheson

I am a registered counselling psychologist and life coach. Rather than wanting to specialize in any particular age-group, I enjoy a varied and diverse practice. I work with children (aged 4 and up), teenagers, and adults. I am contracted with most medical aids.

It is a privilege and blessing to be able to connect deeply with others on their journey towards change, and I cannot imagine pursuing any other career. I am passionate about creating a supportive and empowering space for people. A space in which healing, learning and growth can take place. I see myself as a co-traveller, walking with people on their road towards increased connection, purpose, well-being, and joy. I understand that the road is often fraught with challenges and that it takes courage to step out onto this journey with a stranger, and so I am committed to conducting my practice with integrity, compassion and respect.


My Background

In terms of my qualifications, I obtained my Masters degree in Counselling Psychology in 2008. I also have an internationally accredited diploma in life coaching through The Coaching Centre, and a teaching qualification. I am currently registered to pursue further training in play therapy through Play Therapy International South Africa (PTISA).


In addition to my private practice work, I also have the following experience:

  • teaching and counselling in schools in the UK as well as in South Africa
  • presenting workshops on self-care, trauma and bereavement to creche principals in Phillipi
  • facilitating therapy groups in Masizame children’s home
  • lecturing a college Counselling skills course at CTI
  • counselling university students at Rhodes University Counselling Centre
  • working within employee wellness programmes


My Interests

I was initially trained in psychodynamic and cognitive behavioural (CBT) approaches to psychotherapy. Since qualifying I have pursued on-going training in Narrative Therapy and Solution-Focused Therapy, which are the approaches that most resonate with my therapeutic style. I strive to draw from all of my experience in order to create a therapeutic working alliance with each unique individual. I offer therapy to assist with the following:


  • Managing anxiety, depression, anger and stress
  • Processing trauma and bereavement
  • Facilitating adjustment and increased academic and occupational functioning
  • Developing self-confidence
  • Working with relationship difficulties


As a life coach I am interested in working with people in the following areas of life:


  • Purpose: assisting people to live a meaningful, impactful life in accordance with their values
  • Quality of life: supporting people to connect with vitality, passion, creativity, inspiration and joy
  • Dreams: partnering with people as they step out in the direction of their dreams
  • Decision-making: aiding in the exploration of options pertaining to changes in career or personal life
  • Performance: facilitating an increase in motivation, focus, and organisation in school or work performance
  • Relationships: supporting individuals to make desired changes in their relationships as a partner, friend, colleague or parent
  • Self-confidence: assisting people to relate to themselves with increased awareness and respect
  • Health and wellness: helping people to engage in their desired behaviours relating to health and well-being more consistently
  • Time management: empowering people to manage their time more effectively

My Services

  • Play therapy with children aged 4 and up
  • Therapy with adolescent and adult individuals
  • Life Coaching


Please contact me on: 083 377 5046 /