Rene Fahrenfort – Dyscalculia Specialist

Rene Fahrenfort

My Background

Initially completed a Higher Diploma in Education. At the time my areas of specialism were Phys. Ed and Gifted Child Education. After completing 10 years of teaching in primary schools in Cape Town I transitioned to the adult education sector for a few years.


Later I accepted a teaching post in the UK where I taught in a range of schools. During this time I gained Qualified Teacher Status (QTS) and held senior management positions in various UK primary schools.


During the 13 years that I worked in the UK I achieved Leading Teacher Status. This meant that I worked across a range of schools where I advised headteachers and other senior managers on how to raise the standards of teaching and learning in their schools. I worked closely with teachers by mentoring them and modelling good practice. I trained teachers in the lesson study focus process. This meant that I helped teachers to identify children that needed interventions to help them achieve better results. Thereafter I would assist teachers in devising the best possible interventions.


I am also a content partner on the Times Education Supplement (TES) website. This means that I create or source resources for teachers to use in lessons and this is then shared with teachers internationally. The TES is the biggest online network of teachers in the world.


In 2010 I had the Fellowship of The College of Teachers (University of London) bestowed on me. The route that I achieved it through was by professional record. This meant that for a period of two years my professional practice was observed on a very regular basis in order to ensure that I met the standards needed to teach in a world class city like London. I also completed (Masters Level) research in the field of Mathematics as part of this prestigious award.


Alongside this award I also achieved Chartered London Teacher Status whilst completing the London Challenge. The purpose of CLT Status was to move teaching and learning towards a world class education and the focus was on inner city (often under privileged) London schools.


I am currently reading a Masters degree in Education.


My Interests

I have a keen interest in children’s barriers to learning from an academic as well as an emotional perspective. My interest in ‘able children in ordinary schools’ stems from years of experience in working with intellectually able children that may have barriers to their learning (such as dyslexia, dyscalculia, dysgraphia or dyspraxia). These children are known as being ‘twice exceptional’ or as having ‘multiple exceptionalities’.

My Services

  • Maths intervention and support
  • Reading intervention and support
  • Spelling support
  • Maths diagnostics (working out areas of strength and weakness in Maths)
  • Spelling diagnostics (working out areas of strength and weakness in Spelling)
  • Dyslexia support (Spelling groups)
  • Dyscalculia support (Maths groups)
  • Devising Individualised Education Plans (IEPs)
  • Preparing general and bespoke educational resources