Tanya Vollenhoven – Clinical Psychologist

Tanya Vollenhoven

My Background

Tanya has always been interested in finding creative and practical solutions to the problems she has observed in the world.


More than 20 years ago, as an Educare teacher, Tanya envisioned a very different view of teaching 2 year olds than was prevalent at the time. She pioneered an approach to learning which focused on group work and the class as a community of little human beings that are able to grow, explore and learn together.
This approach not only made a lasting impression on the children who were exposed to this radical approach to learning but also to the teachers who championed this vision.


Tanya’s curiosity in wanting to learn and understand more about the internal world of children, led her to pursue a Master’s degree in Clinical Psychology from the University of Cape Town. Tanya applied her clinical skills to helping children and teenagers overcome issues around anxiety, sensory integration issues, trauma, depression, addiction and fixed patterns of thought and behaviour in both public and private settings.


Tanya’s belief in the need to find creative, practical solutions was once again re-affirmed when she spent time as part of an International research team focusing on medication compliance with HIV positive people in townships around Cape Town. It is in this setting that Tanya honed her skill of collaborating with clients in order to gain insights which can immediately bring relief to the situations they find themselves in without being involved in a longer term therapeutic relationship.


In the last few years, Tanya has focussed her therapeutic skills to translating her view and way of working with children to teachers and parents in order to bring swift interventions to problematic patterns of behaviour which seem resistant to change. Tanya’s unique approach is tailored to the individual needs of her clients and run the gamut from traditional individual face to face sessions to email correspondence to telephonic conversations as well as group sessions and workshops.


My Interests

  • Parent/child relational issues
  • Strategies around behaviour difficulties
  • Strategies around anxiety difficulties
  • Strategies around parental conflict
  • Personal growth strategies
  • Empathy and growth in children
  • Building positive classroom communities
  • Embracing personality difference in children
  • Developing a growth mindset in children

My Services

I provide services for:

  • Individual sessions
  • Small group strategy sessions
  • Talks and workshops
  • Professional support for teachers and counsellors