Remedial Therapy

What is Remedial Therapy?

The word ‘remedial’ means to rectify or improve. Whatever subject it may be – remedial is there to help fix the issue that the child may have with that subject. An assessment is carried out the asses the learning difficulties the child may be experiencing and this leads to the correct remedial help.

Students have, in the past, been labelled as ‘remedial’ and this has often had a negative meaning including giving the child a label. Remedial teaching aims today to assist the child or student to achieve positive progress rather than being labelled ‘slow’ or any other label that may stem from that. There are now excellent remedial schools and our remedial teacher can help assess and then point the child in the right direction either into a remedial school or to a main stream school with the skills that they can cope in this type of environment.

A child who may not be skilled in reading may have another very strong ability to do maths and his IQ in this area could be above average whereas in other areas may be seen as weak. We are not all great at everything!

Remedial Therapy In Cape Town