Creative Therapies

What is Art Therapy?

So often children do not have the maturity or vocabulary to express their emotions or feelings as adults would like, adults are the same. The creative therapies are not necessarily about the end result (i.e. the picture drawn or the music made) it is about the process and the mindfulness of that process. Creative therapies can be used successful in individual sessions, group therapy and support groups and effective to a wide range of people from very young children to the elderly and from addictions to emotional or mental disorders.

Art can be said to be-and can be used as- the externalised map of our interior self - Peter London

Creative therapies such as art, music and movement therapy are experiential and require the person to be involved in the exploration of their journey through this therapy. As Cathy Malchiodi (Art Therapist) states, art therapy is essentially ‘the marriage of two disciplines, art and psychology’.

Creative therapies involve visualisation together with a creative process which aids human development, human behaviour, emotional development and mental health.

The purpose of art is washing the dust of daily life off our souls - Picasso
Children's Art therapy in Southern Suburbs