Sexual curiosity in early adolescence – a talk for parents


Sexual Curiosity in early adolescence

Adolescence can be a tough, alienating experience for children and parents. You become a witness to the metamorphosis of your child as their body changes and their need for you shifts into new territory. This period of their life asks them to take more responsibility for themselves and their bodies and it can be an incredibly alarming experience for us as adults, when we realise that they are facing situations of:

  • Access to pornographic material
  • Inappropriate information about sex
  • Sexual experimentation

This talk offers a general outline of ways we can practically support, protect and guide our children through this new phase of their life. It does so by offering FIVE STRATEGIES, each centred around a different theme connected to sexual curiosity.

  1. Guarding access to inappropriate sexual material
  2. Talking about sexual experimentation
  3. Keeping your focus on who your child is regardless of how they behave
  4. Answering questions and asking them
  5. Keeping your connection as a family


This talk will be presented by Tanya Vollenhoven-Brown, who is a clinical psychologist and child therapist. Her passion is to use narrative and psychotherapy more directly to support parents. Her talks are practical and encourage participation.

For more information and to book please email:

Sexual curiosity in early adolescence

Foundations for Life,
2 Hemyock road,

Date & Time:
Sat 24 March  11:30 – 1pm

R100 pp