Managing the disruptive child’s behaviour


Managing the disruptive child’s behaviour

The very nature of trying to parent or teach a child while caught in the middle of high emotions and inappropriate behaviour is fraught with self-doubt and anxiety. This talk aims to help prepare you for the next volatile situation by helping you tailor an approach that best supports your child in learning to express themselves more appropriately.


These are the common dilemmas faced by parents:
Why can I not get through to my child when they are like this?
Why do I have to repeat the same thing over and over?
I feel so frustrated and angry and helpless- is this normal?
Why do the techniques I’ve read about not seem to work?
What strategies do work?


This talk will be presented by Tanya Vollenhoven-Brown, who is a clinical psychologist and child therapist. Her passion is to use narrative and psychotherapy more directly to support parents through the difficult behaviours. Her talks are practical and encourage participation. She explores two general ‘types’ of disruption; that which is fuelled by anxiety and the need for comfort; and disruption which is fuelled by the need for control.

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Managing the disruptive child’s behaviour

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