About Foundations for Life

Foundations for Life is a holistic family centre situated in the Southern Suburbs of Cape Town in a spacious Victorian home with a private, tranquil garden that instils calmness.

The centre focuses on the child, the family and their external environment to promote the mental emotional and physical well being of the family unit.

Foundations for Life is unique in that it supports the healing and growth of the family unit through contact with a multi-disciplinary professional therapeutic team.

Who we are

Foundations For Life is a comprehensive holistic family centre promoting healing, inspiring growth and encouraging renewal.  Children, individuals and families are assisted through creative therapies, play therapy, mindfulness, assessments and movement to help them focus on their emotional and physical well-being with a view to creating a well-balanced unit, i.e. the family.

Foundations for children are formed by parental and caregiver input. Healthy family units and the correct type of parenting are vital in our society today.

Foundations For Life gives every individual who comes through our door the opportunity to get all the support needed under one roof. We offer parents, children, adolescents and individuals a non-judgmental place of empathy, support and caring.

Our centre forms a multi-disciplinary therapeutic community. We help children, adolescents, parents, caregivers and families through individual and group therapy.  It is a calm, non-judgmental, empathic space offering tranquillity and safety.

We not only work with individuals and support groups but offer workshops in schools and corporates and in the Centre.  Our workshops focus on teacher support and parental support.

There are many ways of getting strong, sometimes talking is the best way.