Growing Friendships with Kindness


Growing friendships with kindness (2020)

This programme is facilitated by Child Counsellor, Kirsten McLeod.


Children’s friendships have their ups and downs and it is not always easy for them to know how to manage friendships.  Problems with friends can affect how they feel about themselves and their enthusiasm for activities that involve others, however when friendships are going well they support children’s emotional wellbeing and confidence. Friendships are very important for social and emotional development as they learn how to relate to others and to communicate effectively.


This workshop will teach children the following skills: self-awareness, empathy and effective communication.

For more information and to book please email:

Growing friendships with kindness (2020)

Foundations for Life,
2 Hemyock road,

Date & Time:

Grade 1 & 2 : 25 March, 12.00 to 13.30

Grade 3 & 4: 25 March, 14.00 to 15.30

Cost: R300 per child