About Us

Foundations for Life is a multi-disciplinary family centre. We have a team of professionals including Clinical, Educational and Counselling Psychologists and registered counsellors specialising in working with children, adolescents and youth as well as marriage and family counselling. Our learner support team is headed up by our resident occupational therapist. Our speech therapist joins us weekly to see clients at Foundations for Life.
A very important aspect of our work is in the area of EQ and Social Skills training and development with children, adolescents, youth and adults. We teach 8 specific competencies: self-awareness, self-management, social awareness, relationship skills, personal responsibility, decision making, goal-directed behaviour and optimistic thinking. Through teaching these life skills we give people tools to equip them to make the right choices when faced with the challenges of life. These skills teach people to be in touch with themselves, to understand how their feelings affect the way that they perceive the world and how they respond and behave towards other people. These skills teach the importance of building healthy relationships through authentic communication and practising genuine empathy.
Foundations for Life teaches these skills through various programmes. We run programmes at our Centre and at many schools. We host teacher workshops and talks on EQ and the importance of understanding how the development of these skills can help to create safe and trusting classroom environment’s conducive to learning.
We look forward to engaging with you.
Bettina, Melanie and Kirsten