Workshops on Offer

At Foundations for Life we will be running various workshops including and not exclusive to:

  • Therapeutic Workshops
  • Creative Workshops

Creative Workshops

These will be offered as weekly art workshops using different mediums in our creative studio.

Creative workshops give you a chance to breathe and take some time to express yourself in a fun, open and welcoming space.

We will be offering them from children all the way to adults. Creativity doesn’t begin or end at any age.

Keep an eye out for some of these wonderful classes!

Theraputic Workshops

We offer therapeutic workshops (open or closed groups) on certain topics.

These workshops will be available to adults, adolescents and children.

Some workshops we have ran in the past included:

  • Divorce Workshop on Co-Parenting
  • The Mask of Motherhood: A Talk on the challenges of being a new mother
  • Positive Behaviour Management for Today’s Classroom

Stay in Touch!

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You can also find details on upcoming Workshops right here.

Check out our Facebook page for information on Workshops also and feel free to like and follow us.

Looking forward to meeting you at one of our Workshops

Play is the highest form of research - Albert Einstein
Counselling Workshops
Contact us for more details or keep an eye on our website for news and events on upcoming workshops.